Promoting A Website: A Guide For Google Ads For Connecticut Contractors


If you are a business owner, you certainly have thought about getting the word out to the community around your business and beyond. In fact, do you ever feel that you are fully qualified to deliver but can’t find new customers around you? Maybe you have promoted your website before and received visits but no leads from your website. Well, we have a few tips that could help you.

In terms of content, think of what made your clients really happy with your services. Try to focusing on that level of positivity as one of the first things on your page.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”
– Bill Gates

Get feedback from your customers and learn what you could do better. Enhance the user’s experience with a fast, fully responsive and adaptive professionally designed website that facilitates finding information customers look for. Once you have prepared a strong landing page to receive visitors, you may be ready to promote the page. We can build a professional effective page for your business.

Using Google Ads

When your website is ready to be promoted, it means that you have a call to action sections on your landing page that clearly describes your strengths and benefits to the user, so you can collect the visitor’s information. Once the user clicks on the Google Ad, you will be charged a fee. Therefore, it is crucial that the page is appealing, for the user shows intent when searching for keywords that relate to your business. However, you only have a few seconds of a chance before the user searches for another contractor.

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